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Silicone Spill Stopper Set

Silicone Spill Stopper Set

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Revolutionize Your Tumbler Experience - Embrace Leak-Free Confidence with Our Silicone Spill Stopper Set!

 Bid farewell to tumbler mishaps with our innovative Silicone Spill Stopper Set. Specially designed to keep spills at bay, this set guarantees a mess-free and enjoyable drinking experience.

Straw Topper: Safeguard against spills and contaminants with the straw tip cover cap, ensuring your drinks remain pristine while preventing debris from entering through the straw.

Round Leak Proof Plug: Positioned within the lid, this cross-opening plug not only seals your cup securely but also facilitates effortless drinking by allowing air to flow while sipping.

Square Spill Stopper: Crafted for both sealing and straw support, this spill stopper elegantly fits into the straw hole, maintaining a spill-proof seal while conveniently holding the straw.

Premium Silicone Material: Experience peace of mind with our food-grade silicone spill stoppers. Reusable, dishwasher safe, and entirely BPA-free, they're built to last and ensure your safety.

Tailored Compatibility: Designed to enhance your Stanleys Cup 1.0 40oz/30oz, this set seamlessly integrates with your tumbler, transforming it into the ultimate leak-proof companion.

Elevate your tumbler experience with the Silicone Spill Stopper Set. Revel in leak-free drinking, ensuring your beverages stay pure, while the innovative design maintains your tumbler's aesthetic and functionality. Enjoy your drinks the way they're meant to be - without worry or spills.

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